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Utkal Jana Jagarana Seva Sangha  ( UJJSS ) has been established in 2015, with its registered office at Amroli of Surat District in Gujarat, West India, Utkal Jana Jagarana Seva Samithi (formerly known as Utkal Jana Jagarana  Seva Samithi) presently operates in four States of India  viz., Gujarat, Odisha,

UJJSS is currently implementing 20 different welfare and development programmes with the funding support from Government of India, State Governments and International donor agencies and philanthropists.

The emphasis on woman and child development, the disabled, the disadvantaged sectors of the people and on rural development.  However, UJJSS serves all the sections of needy in the society who deserve its services.  UJJSS designed its programmes to suit the requirements of different positions in life cycle.  It has programme presence in over 2500 villages.  Through these programmes UJJSS is serving around 3.10 million populations in 02 States.  UJJSS HR comprises 2000 regular, part-time interns and volunteers 1000 volunteer workers, who rendered their service for the humanity some were relieved due to phase out of different program after 5 years committed and rendered services.

UJJSS believes in community participation.  It ensures community participation in need identification, designing, implementing, contributing and monitoring.  UJJSS facilitates the community in the process of asset creation, ownership and management.  It promotes community owned, operated and managed people’s institutions.


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